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Meadowview Gymnastics Policies


We bill by 8 week sessions. Invoices for the upcoming session will be emailed week 5 or 6 and are due on the Saturday of week 8.

You are paying to reserve your space in class therefore we do not prorate, refund or credit for missed classes.

You can make payments by cash check or credit card in the office (credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% service fee. Other ways to pay include pay by phone, online payment, through our Parent Portal or by setting up auto pay by credit card or bank account (contact the office for more information on autopay. Late fees will be added after week one. No payment by week two and you will be withdrawn from the progrm.

Withdrawal from program:

You are kept enrolled in your class until you tell us to withdraw you.

Withdrawal should be done 2 weeks prior to the end of the session. If the gym is not notified to withdraw you from the program you will be billed for the session.


Our policy is to follow Kingsport City Schools for weather closings. Sometimes weather changes throughout the day and we are able to open later or we may need to close early. Please use your own judgment as we have families coming from many different areas. Any schedule changes will be posted on facebook and instagram and e-mailed out.

Handle with care:

If for any reason your athlete needs extra care one day just let us know by saying handle with care when dropping off and we will take extra care of your child no questions asked. We realize sometimes the death of pet, grandparent, divorce or even just a tuff day at school can make things hard for your child along with many other reasons. Again no questions asked just say handle with care and the staff will do the rest by taking special care of the athlete that day. Being able to come workout when things are hard is often what an athlete needs.


Families if you have been ill you must have been better for more than 24 hours to sit in the lobby. Same applies for bringing siblings or friends to watch from lobby.
Athlete must be fever free for more than 24 hours . A fever is 99 and over, and not using any medicine to bring temperature down for over 24 hours.
Athlete must not of thrown up or had diarrhea in more than 24 hours. Without medicine to prevent this.
Athletes must be rash free or had a rash checked by a medical professional with a note to return.
Athlete must not have any contagious diseases or symptoms.
We asked if you have a planters wart, ring worm or any other contagious type rash or skin condition even if being treated that it be covered at all times when possible.


For injury we ask if you are injured that you see a medical professional and bring us a note or letter with what your restrictions are and when you may safely return.

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